Tsim Multi-Mode Radar Simulator (MMRS) is a real-time, software-based application, executing on COTS hardware, which provides a complete radar simulation of any air-to-ground military or commercial radar for certified training purposes. It may be integrated with a flight simulator for a complete and interactive training environment or used as standalone networked platforms for classroom training. Simulation options for air-to-air radar modes and ground-based radars for ATC training can also be provided.

The MMRS is a high performance, configurable, scalable, and upgradeable, low-cost solution. Tsunami Tsoftware provides services to customize the basic MMRS product to a specific radar model and simulation application. This includes tuning radar characteristic tables, matching or modifying host simulation interfaces, and providing radar simulation options and custom functionality.

Nellis AFB, northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada
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RBM 20 nmi range scale RBM 20 nmi Expanded range scale
SAR 5 nmi high-res map SAR 1.25 nmi high-res map

MMRS Operator Interface
MMRS Operator Interface
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Tsim Synthetic Environment Radar Formatter (SERF) is a software application that provides automated generation of accurate and detailed worldwide geographic runtime databases for use with the MMRS. It executes on a standard PC platform and can also execute on the MMRS computer platform. Options for weather database and target model generation can also be provided.

To ensure correlation, SERF derives databases either directly from the visual run-time format (such as OpenFlight), or from the corrected source data used to produce the visual database. To give more detail to the radar image, a SERF option is available that augments the radar database with additional surface features beyond those in the visual database.

Database Services

Tsunami Tsoftware can help generate the MMRS database. Database Services include database analysis, coordination to gain access to database source, generation and evaluation of a test area, and format, delivery, and acceptance testing support for the remainder of the database.

Engineering Services

Tsunami engineers contribute their skills and knowledge to other simulation and database companies as systems and software subcontractors. In addition to experience in a variety of real-time radar simulations, we provide extensive expertise in the SIF and SEDRIS format standards for Synthetic Environment and can support host simulation software development and interfaces to control simulated radar displays.