Tsunami Tsoftware developed the Tsim Multi-Mode Radar Simulator (MMRS) product that was demonstrated at I/ITSEC 99 and I/ITSEC 2000. This configuration of the MMRS, running under Windows 2000, correlated with the SoftReality SoftIG via a Fast Ethernet interface. Data from an OpenFlight database of the Nellis AFB / Las Vegas area was augmented with USGS surface features to provide detail for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) modes. This product is high performance, easily configurable and upgradeable, and is a low cost solution for military training applications.

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We are providing software services for subcontracts in the Orlando, Florida area:
  • Lockheed Martin Information Systems: Development of real-time radar simulation options for Compu-Scene IVACC-based DRLMS variants, including implementation of modes such as TF / TA and GMTI / GMTT. Tsunami has provided integration, test and maintenance support for B1B Block D, F15I, F16 MTC, C130P and MH53 radars.

  • Vcom3D, Inc.: Consulting for a web-based visualization tool for STRICOM through the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Program. Users from around the world can remotely get statistics and preview SEDRIS databases over the Internet. Click here for more information on the program.

  • Lockheed Martin Information Systems: Implementation of functionality to support StarGen visual database geometry export to SEDRIS for the UKCATT program.

  • Lockheed Martin Information Systems: Enhancements to OpenFlight processing capabilities of the Compu-scene SEView image generator real-time database formatter.

  • SoftReality, Inc.: Development of a SEDRIS to OpenFlight database formatter.

  • 3D Digital Corp: Development of the RealScan USB on-line html-based user documentation, InstallShield installation packaging, and test support.