Tsunami Tsoftware developed the Tsim Multi-Mode Radar Simulator (MMRS) product that was demonstrated at I/ITSEC 99 and I/ITSEC 2000. This configuration of the MMRS, running under Windows 2000, correlated with the SoftReality SoftIG via a Fast Ethernet interface. Data from an OpenFlight database of the Nellis AFB / Las Vegas area was augmented with USGS surface features to provide detail for Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) modes. This product is high performance, easily configurable and upgradeable, and is a low cost solution for military training applications.

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We have provided software services for subcontracts in the Orlando, Florida area:
  • Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems: Development of real-time radar simulation modes and interfaces for NxDRLMS Product variants, including support for modes such as TF / TA, GMTI / GMTT, WX, SAR, symbology overlays, MIL-STD-1553 and ARINC bus formats, and TAXI video outputs. Tsunami has provided design, integration, test and maintenance support for onboard RADARS for the B1B Block D/E, F15-E (as well as for Saudi and Israel), F16-MTC APG-68 (as well as for Turkey, Egypt, Israel), F16 APG-66 (Netherlands), F16 Block 60, C130E, EA6B, C130P, MH53, Talon II, King, Whiskey, HH60G, CV22, JMATS airframes.

  • Indra: Assist in development of pilot interface for an AV8B simulation.

  • Vcom3D, Inc.: Consulting for a web-based visualization tool for STRICOM through the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Program. Users from around the world can remotely get statistics and preview SEDRIS databases over the Internet.
  • Lockheed Martin Information Systems: Implementation of functionality to support StarGen visual database geometry export to SEDRIS for the UKCATT program.

  • Lockheed Martin Information Systems: Enhancements to OpenFlight processing capabilities of the Compu-scene SEView image generator real-time database formatter.

  • SoftReality, Inc.: Development of a SEDRIS to OpenFlight database formatter.

  • 3D Digital Corp: Development of the RealScan USB on-line html-based user documentation, InstallShield installation packaging, and test support.